Used Book Store (2005-09-12)

Growing up in Hong Kong, I used to rent books from a used book store.  I would polish off a fiction a week, a habit I continued for years.  I was too poor and too cheap to buy books in the stores.  The mostly science fictions I read were no good the second read around anyway because all the twists and turns in the plot were already reviewed so why bother buying them to keep around the house?  I love to read, but I only like to keep reference books at home.  Now with the Internet, even they seem redundant; the information I want is just a few key strokes away ( is a good source).

Nowadays I can't lay my hands on any used books, or even library books.  My germaphobia prevents me from doing so.  Think of all the dirty fingers that have touched the pages of the books, fingers that have dug inside human orifices, fingers that have wiped sweat and oil from the face of the previous reader. It gives me goose bumps to think about sharing a book (or any object) with people who have such nasty habits.

For the same reason I don't like to touch hand rails, public door knobs or buttons in an elevator if I can help it.  If you think this is paranoia, let me tell you something:  This world would be a much cleaner place if everyone were germaphobic.  I'm not saying a saner place, I'm saying a CLEANER place. You just think about that very carefully and see if you don't agree with me.

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