Omotesando (2005-09-24)

Omotesando (kanji)is the name of a major road that runs between Omotesando subway station and Meijijingumae subway station or JR's Harajuku Station.  The area is lined with name brand stores, open cafes and stylish boutiques.  The surrounding area also has many swanky hair salons which charge exorbitant fees.

Almost everything is more expensive in Omotesando than the same merchandise that is sold in other suburbs.  You often see well-dressed women walking the streets, browsing in shops or having afternoon tea in one of the classy cafes.

KL and I went to Omotesando last Saturday to have lunch at a Hong Kong style restaurant (more on that later).  After our meal, we took a stroll in the area and slowly made our way toward Shibuya (kanji).  Besides the usual high-class shops and chic crowds, we saw a Matsuri (Festival) set-up.  Apparently there was going to be a Japanese parade on Sunday and there were staff sitting under tents accepting donations, and floats and equipment being kept in a makeshift hut. 

We've seen enough Matsuri in Japan so we weren't going to return to Omotesando the following day to see one.  I snapped some pictures of the parade stuff to show you though.

Note: It just so happened that we did stumble upon another small Matsuri in Shibuya that day.  We must be destined to see a parade that day whether we planned to or not.  Fate is funny sometimes.

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