Day Three Food (2005-11-25)

The first thing we ate for the day was a chicken kabab from a vendor who are ubiquitous in New York.  There are also tons of hotdog and giant pretzel vendors in touristy places.  I noticed that every one of them wears a kind of license and name tag on their neck which makes me somehow feel safer eating street food.

The lunch in that congee restaurant was very nice.  We just loved the Fukien fried rice and stir-fried flat noodles.  The other side dishes were good too but the portions were like most other restaurants, very big.  We couldn't finish everything we ordered, what a shame.

The Italian dinner was memorable.  We had mussels as a starter and they were even better than the ones we had at Sam's Cafe in Tiberon with Rick and Shirley.  The sauce was thick, garlicky and tomatoey.  Then we all ordered seafood for our entrees.  Marco had stuffed shrimps, KL had sea bass in lemon and white wine sauce and I had scallops.  The portions were once again very big, much bigger than I had expected.  I had TEN scallops on my plate!  Who uses that many scallops in a single serving?!  Marco's four large stuffed shrimps filled his plate which could have sufficiently fed two people.

Next time we'll split one appertizer and two entrees.  Next time?  When will that be?

Ponticello Restaurante: 46-11 Broadway, Astoria NY 11103 (718-278-4514)

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