Hawaii Day 2 (2006-11-03)

We got two 4-day passes for theBus at the ubiquitous ABC Store, a local convenience store.  Honolulu has no subway, but their buses run frequently, cover the whole island and are easy to use. 

Always a sucker for dim sum, KL and I decided to explore their Chinatown.  We went to Legend, reputably to have the best dim sum in Honolulu, to have an early lunch.  Dim sum varieties were limited but they were ten times better than Tokyo's, although not quite as good as Hong Kong's.  We still enjoyed it tremendously; so much so that we went back again three days later.

After lunch, we walked around the area which feels more like Vietnamtown than Chinatown.  Most grocery shops are run by Vietnamese and stock mainly Vietnamese groceries.  We did come across one Hong Kong Supermarket where we bought heaps of Garden biscuits. 

The whole area reminded me of Sydney's Chinatown in the layout of streets, just much less crowded.  Also their shops close very early resulting in a dead-ish town even before 7 pm.  There were quite a few homeless people and winos in the area at night in the two evenings we were there.  It could be quite scary to walk around Chinatown at night.

After our tour in Chinatown, we headed to their largest shopping mall, Ala Moana Center.  We wanted to get all the souvenir and our own shopping taken care of at the beginning of the trip so we wouldn't have to worry about it later.  The mall is big and airy with an open-top atrium. We came across a Japanese TV crew filming a travel show hosted by the typical anorexic-esque actresses, and I recognized one of them!

For dinner we took a bus to the Ward Center just up the street at a restaurant I found on the Internet.  Then it was time to go home.

For more information about the bus system, visit      4-day pass (all-you-can-ride) costs US$20
Chinatown    theBus #42 stops right in front of Legend, #19 and # 20 also stop near the area
Ala Moana Center     theBus #8, 19, 20, 42, 58 in the Waikiki area although a number of other routes stop there too

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